A screenprint of a framed photo on a green wall. The photo contains a two-headed cat sitting in front of two doors.

“Janus Cat”: A Screenprint Exploration

Over the past few years, I’ve explored themes of mysticism, the occult, spiritualism, and everything in between. Over time, I began to have fun trying to depict the mystical as the mundane. The screen print “Janus Cat” was born of this thought experiment.

“Janus Cat” started, as one may guess, with Janus, the two-faced Roman god of doors and choices. Instead of a literal depiction, I opted to draw inspiration from my primary muse: my cat. “Janus Cat” depicts a framed photo of a two-headed cat sitting in front of two brightly colored doors, asking the viewer to pick a path. The piece utilizes jewel tones and a variety of textures to create a dynamic, almost overwhelming experience.

This work was made as a screen print, and I created it by blocking out shapes on a mesh screen with painted filler and pushing ink through the remaining spaces. Each new color requires its own stenciled screen. To achieve the textured patterns of wall paper, I used wax crayons to make rubbings of different items on my screen before printing. Each layer took about two hours to create and another to fully dry before I was able to move on. This print also utilizes the messy full-bleed technique, where the mesh screen is larger than the paper used in order to make the image extend to the edges of the paper.

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