A screenprint of a giant skeleton monster peeking in the windows of Ponce City Market.

“Yokai Tourist” Screenprint: Combing Macabre and Mundane

With this screen print, I sought to continue to play with various themes of myth and magic. “Yokai Tourist” juxtaposes the mundane and the macabre, depicting a Gashadokuro of Japanese lore at Ponce City Market, a shopping center in Atlanta.

This print was created by using traditional screen printing technique. I worked reductively, first printing a blue layer that encompassed the entirety of the space. I then painted on my screen with screen filler, taking small bits out at a time and printing a new color over each layer. By repeating this process with orange, black, and yellow ink, I was able to create a rendering of the Ponce City Market. I then used a different screen and two different color layers to create the large skeleton creature.

“Yokai Tourist” is intended to leave motive to the imagination and allow the viewer to draw their own conclusions about the intentions of the yokai as it peers through the windows of the shopping center. I sought to create a feeling of wrongness by placing a creature of myth in a location that is familiar to most Georgians.

This piece was published in Flagpole, a local magazine, as well as The Red & Black, a local newspaper. To read the article, click here.

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