My pictorial logo, a blue rabbit unraveling at its paw and stomach. Green bones are visible where it has unraveled.

My Personal Style Guide

Anyone trying to sell themselves needs some solid personal branding, so I set out to create a personal style guide. I came up with a logo, font set, color palette, and tagline.

This project was unique, as it was not necessarily solving an existing problem for a user, but for myself. It came at the perfect time for me. I have been creating and selling artwork for years, but I recently began participating in vendor events to try to generate more sales, and I realized that I was far behind other vendors in terms of branding. Many of them had business cards, branded packaging, and freebies. This style guide allowed me to both create guidelines for all my future projects and obtain an immediate solution for the deficiencies in my art-selling.

When creating the style guide, I wanted to make choices that reflect my personality so that my customer can immediately get an inkling of who I am just by looking at my branding.

The color palette of my style guide, consisting of both a light and dark blue and green and a dark grey.

For my color palette, I chose to use greens and blues, simply because I enjoy working with these colors the most. They are also the colors that tend to appear most frequently in my artwork.

A screenshot of my selected fonts: Fairwater Sailor Serif, Fairwater Solid Serif, Fairwater Open Serif, and Athelas.

While considering what fonts I wanted to utilize, I looked at the style of much of my artwork and the inspirations I use. The “American Traditional” tattoo style influences a lot of my work, so I chose to use the Fairwater font set from Adobe for my header fonts. I selected Athelas as my body font because I felt that it paired well with my headers.

My personal logo, a blue rabbit that is unraveling at its wrist and stomach. Green bones are visible underneath.

When creating my pictorial logo, I decided to use an image of a rabbit, because that is my Chinese zodiac sign. To reflect the macabre nature of much of my work, I depicted the rabbit as unraveling with its bones exposed.

My wordmark logo was a little easier; I chose to use the Fairwater Sailor Serif, my Header 1 font, and fill in the white space with another color from my palette.

I was fairly pleased with the results of this project, and it was exciting to have a cohesive set of visuals that I can fall back on in the future. In upcoming projects, especially the EM Dossier, I will be able to utilize my style guide to make my webpages look coordinated. I will also be utilizing this guide when attending art markets, and I’ve started incorporating it already in the packaging of my work!

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